I saw something amazing the other night. I was driving, so I couldn’t take pictures, but luckily I am able to use my amazing artistic talent to show what happened.

I was driving along, when I spotted the moon. It was huge and a light orange-red kind of color. At the top of the moon was a halo of grayish clouds.


The color of the moon was already pretty amazing, but what happened next was fairly cool. As I drove by, maybe because of a combination of shifting perspective and different lights, the color of the moon started lightening to a more yellow color, and the clouds starting moving downward, as if the moon was breaking through them.


At this point it looked like the moon had a stylish gray headband. But time progressed, and the moon kept lightening up in color! The clouds also kept changing, breaking apart as if they were really being spread through the moon.


I could try, try, try to explain why this seemed to capture my attention so much, but I really can’t. There was something ethereal and beautiful about the moon simply changing colors and the clouds drifting through the sky.

And yes, this post is just taking up space until I can start writing better articles. I’ve come down with a bit of a cold recently, so I’m not up to my usual antics.

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