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Up to this point, I’ve only completed an associate’s degree. I tried to go to back to school, but trying to pick up where I left off brought with it a few problems. Chief among them, I wasn’t allowed financial aid through the school I chose to go to since I would have gone over the total amount of credit hours eligible for financial aid by the time I graduated.

That was a year or two ago. Now I have a decent job with decent pay, and I’m eligible for tuition aid through my employer. I started looking into various options to continue my education, because learning never stops. One of the more curious courses I ran across was Udacity’s Nanodegrees. Funded initially by AT&T (full disclosure, I do work for AT&T as of the time of writing), Udacity nanodegrees offered condensed courses aimed at preparing students for particular jobs such as iOS developer or Data Analyst.

The project-focused approach and self-paced online aspects of Udacity Nanodegrees greatly appealed to me. Being that nanodegrees were started as a joint venture between AT&T and Udacity, I decided to investigate more through AT&T. From what I was able to surmise, I’m eligible for a discount through AT&T.


I’m thinking¬†of signing up for the Android developer course…just as soon as I figure out how to do so¬†through AT&T to qualify for the employee discount.

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