Sweetwater is awesome

I recently bought a Kala spruce top u-bass from Sweetwater. The one I bought was a demo model, so it had a nice discount. I certainly can’t complain about their shipping time. It only took two days for it to get to me.
Once I received it, I was over the moon. I took it out and started playing. Everything was great. After a few days, I noticed something peculiar. The outside pocket didn’t have a zipper tab to open it. I emailed Nick Lamendola, the sales guy who was managing my order. It was the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, so understandable he replied and told me he would have some solution for me by next week.
Now, that’s perfectly understandable. It’s a long holiday weekend, everyone’s going home to spend time with family.
On Tuesday he emailed me apologizing for the bag. Even though it was listed as a demo model, and issues are to be expected with these, Sweetwater took responsibility for even that minor thing and offered me an extra set of u-bass strings to make up for it.
Now, these are $25 strings. Those are pretty pricey. My regular bass guitar strings are only about $10 more. The fact that they’d do that has made me a customer for life.
I really appreciate Nick¬†&¬†Sweetwater’s commitment to their customers before, during and long after the sale is made. I’ll be sure to shop with them whenever possible and won’t hesitate to recommend them to any musicians I meet.